787 Dreamliner Rollout
Dreamliner Roll Out Lives Up to the Dream

Every product roll out is exciting, but seeing the roll out of one of the most anticipated planes in recent memory, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, is the sort of a thrill you tell your children about; especially when you’re among the 7,500 people who made it happen (as well as Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina).

As everyone assembled, the giant outdoor LED screen showed various news headlines leading up to the main event; “First plane built in the South”, “so many jobs created”, “most advanced commercial jet”, etc. This gave the event a real sense of context as to the journey that led up to this day, and increased the excitement level.

At a typical rollout, the product might come out at the end. But this was no typical roll out, and when your product is literally as big as a plane, it makes for the perfect backdrop for the rest of the event.

So everyone counted down from ten, and then witnessed what might well be the largest kabuki drop in history to reveal the 787 Dreamliner. Then everyone pitched in with their branded Marshaling Wands to direct the plane from its hangar to the main area as a custom musical score played.

As for the entertainment – the men and women who made the plane a reality were treated to a STOMP-like performance using the very tools (including screws and the actual material the plane was built from) that were used to create the plane itself. It was the perfect mix of art and commerce. In addition, a local high school marching band, and a middle school African drum troupe provided local flavor to the celebration.

This was truly an historic event for Boeing, for the people of Charleston, and for South Carolina that the attendees would never forget.

"Boeing-North Charleston's first 787 Dreamliner rollout Friday was quite a show"

Seattle Times

"In an afternoon ceremony that was part corporate pep rally and part rock concert, the Chicago-headquartered company rolled the new plane onto the steamy tarmac of its new 2.5 million-square-foot assembly plant here, amid fireworks and sonic blasts of Foo Fighters and Zombie Nation."

The State

"The hangar doors opened wide, fireworks boomed and streaked into the sky and a crowd of more than 7,000 counted down from 10. Then the world's newest and most advanced commercial jet rolled out of a hangar near the Charleston International Airport on this sunny Friday afternoon."

Journal Scene