Credit Karma

West Coast Summer Consumer Activation
"Score Higher" with Credit Karma

What do Cinco De Mayo, L.A. Pride, and the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing have in common? They’re all events where Credit Karma literally elevated the experience.

With the primary goals of acquiring new accounts and promoting positive brand awareness, Proscenium developed a consumer experience that accomplished both. After researching a number of events around the country, Proscenium identified specific opportunities - attracting more than a million total attendees - that aligned with Credit Karma's target demographics, and we created a tour schedule based on this.

We had a feeling from the start that it might be difficult to attract a passerby to discuss their credit scores, especially at outdoor festivals. We knew we had to do something different, something that would stop people in their tracks. The focal point of the Credit Karma “Score Higher” experience was a 20-foot-tall prototype interactive ride, reminiscent of the old carnival Hi-Striker – the difference being that two players compete to send riders up into the air. The harder and faster the players whacked the mallet, the higher their friends and family rode up the tower. We even branded the attraction with credit scores (from 300 to 800) going up the sides - and festival-goers gathered en masse to watch the action.

Branded 'swag' such as foldable Frisbees, towels, and slap bracelets were popular among the crowds and extended the experience beyond the event itself. Attendees could also take a photo in front of a green screen, choose a background custom to each event, and immediately blast it out to Facebook and Twitter. A special Snapchat filter was even created to encourage additional engagement. Local social media influencers were invited to share the “Score Higher” experience with their fans and generate additional buzz for the event and the brand.

From all the smiles, laughs, and excitement radiating from the Credit Karma “Score Higher” experience, we know we put a very positive spin on the often sensitive topic of credit scores.

Review: "It was great to see the amount of excitement surrounding Credit Karma at all the events. The Proscenium team was responsive, attentive, and creative throughout the entire process, and expertly delivered an experience that kept people highly engaged with the brand."

- Jonathan Garza Brand Manager