Daiichi Sankyo

Edoxaban Global Brand Rally: Rome, Italy
The "Eyes" Have It

Daiichi Sankyo found it imperative to align its global brand team around the upcoming launch of its new product, Edoxaban. Their audience of 150 was Brand Team Leaders from 15 countries all of whom assembled in Rome for the Rally. Though it was a relatively intimate event, the executives wanted to deliver a “wow” for the audience. We did so by designing an environment centered around a 60’x20’ high-definition screen – providing stunning imagery of the new global branding campaign and media.

To enhance team building, all of the attendees were given printed cards showing all of attending countries’ flags. During the opening networking session, they were asked to collect signatures of representatives from each country. After all, these were fellow brand team members from across the globe whom had much in common, but had never met.

To get their messages across, Daiichi Sankyo utilized a combination of live presentations and original videos produced by Proscenium. One of the most effective moments came when one of the host executives brought out an authentic Japanese Daruma Doll (a doll with no eyes drawn on it). The executive colored-in one eye as he made his commitment to provide the attendees with everything they will need for a successful launch. He pledged not to draw in the other eye until his commitment was fulfilled. Then he asked everyone to make their own commitment to the successful launch of the brand by signing their name on an oversized map that would be digitized, framed, and sent to all worldwide offices. It was a highly effective ritual, and a meeting that achieved its goal of getting the attendees to understand and commit to Daiichi Sankyo’s global initiatives.