IBM Goes Goo Goo For Gladwell in Vegas

IBM was one of the very first brands to hold an event in the brand new Chelsea Theatre in the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas. It was their PartnerWorld Leadership Conference for 2,000 global attendees so it was extremely important that they go with an agency they trust to get the job done.

Flexibility was the order of the day, so the set was made entirely out of LED tiles, creating infinite opportunities for new visuals and moving images. In fact, the graphics design team created over 40 unique looks that could be used during the general session.

NY Times best selling author Malcolm Gladwell was the featured speaker, and his message that everything is global and everything we do now has a global effect got everyone thinking about how in today’s world it is vitally important that we work together every day.

Speaker support is always a must, but this event went further in to idea support. To keep the audience engaged, an RSS feed was displayed on multiple LED ribbons, and text-to-screen technology allowed the audience to communicate questions and thoughts to the speakers (and each other), quickly and efficiently right from the palm of their hands.

Finally, to keep the audience moving, and end the four day conference with a bang, a night of networking and entertainment featured a private concert by the Goo Goo Dolls.