Global Events
Think Global, Act Local, Go Qualcomm

From San Diego and San Francisco to Sao Paulo and New Delhi, from Las Vegas and Hong Kong to Barcelona and Berlin, this was a series of global events that was all about connecting locally.

Qualcomm spent much of 2012 touring the globe with their messaging that applied throughout the world, but also had to be adapted to fit each venue. And also had to be translated into multiple languages (from websites to registration to printed pieces). And also required the coordination of international crews. Global – Local, Local – Global.

It was an unprecedented opportunity for business partners, OEM’s, networks, and franchisees to get access to Qualcomm executives, see product launches and demos, and get caught up on the latest research. They also got to enjoy evening receptions, expos, and entertainment all designed and catered to each locality. For example, in Hong Kong attendees were treated to an eye popping acrobatic dance performed in beautiful traditional costumes and masks.

To top it all off there were nightclub parties, and exclusive dinners with Qualcomm’s CEO. It was a whirlwind series of events that was the perfect blend of art and commerce.

Review: "Great Production. Great Creative. GreatTeam."

- Our Qualcomm Client