Qualcomm Snapdragon

Bringing Gaming to Life
Oh Snap That Was Cool

Held in Barcelona, this event for 1,250 operators, game developers, OEM’s and technology partners felt more like an international house party than a corporate event. There were lots of different languages represented in the audience, so the event was light on language and heavy on fun.

The Snapdragon processor is all about battery life and gaming, so the event featured two five minute presentations each of which combined live action with projection mapping to wow the audience and get them excited about Qualcomm.

To start off, and to get a sense of the circuitry itself, a projection-mapping fly through of the processor brought the audience through the computer for a Tron-like peak inside the chip.

To exemplify “The Reign Of Amira” game, Amira came out and performed acrobatic Martial Arts moves accompanied by an interactive video. For example, when she waved her sword sparks flew. Literally. All over the screen. For “The Ream”, an “audience member” went onstage to challenge the video version of The Ream. He threw off his lanyard, and fought the video, with every punch and kick choreographed to the action on the screen; his real punches landed on the cyber/video version of The Ream. Ultimately the audience member won and “got the girl”. The audience cheered.

On occasion, things would suddenly and seemingly unexpectedly slow down as a “low battery warning” flashed. But then the Snapdragon processor would kick in, and everything was back to full speed.

This was an international party that really rocked the house, in this dimension and…beyond.

Reviews: "Proscenium has taken our brand platform and created very effective programs. They are very creative and responsive and as a result have grown as a solid partner."

- Our Snapdragon Client