SL Green Reality Corp

Annual Investor Conference
SL Green Wows With Park, Pictures, and Parallaxing

Normally corporate meetings take place inside a ballroom, arena, or meeting space, where things like sunlight or a view are simply never going to happen. But since SL Green owns so many New York properties, this meeting took place in a ballroom in the Manadrin Oriental hotel with stunning views of Central Park. The cool breeze coming through the windows was a gentle reminder that this was no ordinary meeting or company.

The meeting started with an opening video of some of SL Green’s premier NY properties coming to life. Some of the best-dressed buildings in New York, including those that house Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch, Armani, and Prada “unfolded” via a parallaxing effect that animated the properties as if they were springing to life out of a pop-up book.

The meeting featured presentations by SL Green’s top executives, and the graphics that supported them were stunning. From a clock graphic that, ESPN style, showed what they would be speaking about and when; to charts that utilized 3D graphics and google map zoom-ins of the properties; to an Audience Response System that allowed attendees to see pictures of various executives as children, and vote on which executive they thought was which; these were presentations that let this audience of 250 investors, business leaders and industry analysts know that these executives cared about them, and wanted to give them a first class presentation.

Review: "Proactive. Accountable. Cool under fire. Proscenium was a great partner for our annual Investor Conference. I constantly work under pressure and tight deadlines, often in difficult venues. I am very impressed with their team who fearlessly jumped right in, quickly understood our culture and goals... and creatively helped produce a spectacular event."

- Ellie WinklemanDirector of Corporate Events