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The UPS Store 2014 and 2016 Conventions
This UPSS Convention Delivers!

The UPS Store is all about reaching locations, so in 2014 in Dallas it was time to bring out a little inner cowboy with a reception featuring trick lasso ropers, an expo featuring a Mariachi band, and a farewell banquet that brought in cowgirls to teach the crowd some genuine line dancing.

In 2016 in Nashville, the welcome reception featured guitars and records (remember records!) hanging from the ceiling, as well as DJ karaoke. For the Farewell Reception, the ballroom was completely transformed into a backyard BBQ; and the attendees wore jeans, boots, and hats as they were treated to two Nashville bands.

In Dallas the set featured a “Projection Cube” that provided media platform, and was able to turn into a realistic looking storefront from which one of the executives entered. The cube also mimicked a shipping carton that tore itself away at the start of the energizing opening video. Finally, when it was time to urge the 1,500 attendees to focus on their online presence as well as their in-store one, America’s Got Talent’s Tell A Vision performed a multi-media performance piece incorporating dancing video screens, and digital images that magically turned real.

In Nashville, the “Build Your Future” themed conference featured a set made of construction truss set at interesting angles. For their General Sessions, the attendees were treated to a one-man band, an a capella group, and a full rock band, each or which played bits of a song that had been specifically written just for the convention. The audience loved hearing the different versions of the song, and watching as the song changed and developed from day to day. In fact, the attendees couldn’t stop singing the song, and it wouldn’t surprise us if we heard it on the radio!

Wherever they go, The UPS Store franchise owners have been treated to learning, networking, music, and an incredible experience of ideas and entertainment.