Walmart 2015 Associates Week
Proscenium Makes the Difference... So Walmart's People Can Make the Difference

Proscenium is extremely proud to be Walmart’s agency of record; producing over 10 shows for them this year. But the biggest event of the year is definitely Associates Week where, for the second year in a row, we produced 2 concerts, 1 meeting for US associates, 1 meeting for International associates, and the Shareholders Meeting itself which, just by itself, is one of the largest corporate events in the US, fueled by our crew of over 300 people. Overall we filled over 55,000 seats, and served up a potent mix of entertainment, song, and impactful executive messaging. Their theme this year was “Our People Make The Difference” and we made sure that at this meeting that difference was palpable.

The first way the Walmart Associates made a difference was by singing the opening number! Surrounded by professional dancers, the winners of a worldwide talent search among Walmart Associates (that’s over 2 million people!) “Got The Party Started” culminating in the reveal of host Reese Witherspoon.

Reese could not have been a more fun and likable host as she brought out Walmart associates, set up the musical acts which included Brian McNight, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey, and Rod Stewart, and even did a Super-fun, Walmart-ified version of her famous “bend and snap” from Legally Blonde. Walmart even fulfilled her childhood dream by letting her ride offstage in a pink Barbie jeep.

Another highlight of the event was a rousing “Our People Make The Difference” speech from CEO Doug McMillon backed by graphics of Marvel comic superheroes coming to life as Walmart Associates drawn by actual Marvel artists. Seeing these real life Hulks and Captain Americas in action was as emotionally stirring as it was badass super cool.

All of this took place on a set filled with beauty and surprise. Our 7mm LED screens delivered stunning resolution for all of the videos and content, and the use of D3 media servers allowed the content to move seamlessly from screen to screen. In addition a 44ft turntable, 2 mobilators, and multiple flying and tracking screens created multiple set looks, allowing us to present content and performers in different and unexpected ways. Each new look of the set was as different as the Associates themselves.

The week began with the US Associates meeting which started with a rousing opening video presentation featuring Walmart Associates talking about how they make a difference. Then we revealed the new “Our People Make The Difference” nametag which was designed by Proscenium and which will be worn by well over a million Walmart Associates.  Ok, so we normally don’t design nametags, but this was pretty darn fun - almost as much fun as watching the associates compete in an onstage “who can clean the fully realistic Walmart bathroom fastest” competition. Talk about an idea to flush away boredom.

Meanwhile… at the exact same time as the US meeting, our team was busy producing the International meeting for Walmart associates from 28 different countries. Nine of those countries were invited to create cultural presentations showcasing songs, dance, and other elements from their home countries. The event also featured a break dance troupe, a video game playoff, and magician Justin Flom performed several tricks with executives, and amazed the crowd with his sleight of hand and stage illusions.

But just in case you needed some more entertainment, Proscenium produced 2 arena concerts: Rock legend Lynard Skynard teamed up with local heroes Backroads Anthem on one night, and on the other night the Associates were treated to a double bill of pop alterna-rockers Train and Lifehouse.

The Walmart Associates week is one of the most exciting and anticipated corporate events of the year, and this year we ensured it really made a difference.