Oh Snap That Was Cool

Held in Barcelona, this event for 1,250 operators, game developers, OEM’s and technology partners felt more like an international houseparty than a corporate event. A projection-mapped fly-through of the processor brought the audience through the computer for aTron-like peak inside the chip. Then, we combined live action with the projection mapping. First, to exemplify “The Reign Of Amira” game, Amira came out and performed Martial Arts moves accompanied by an interactive video. For example, when she waved her sword -sparks flew all over the screen. Next, for “The Ream”, an actual “audience member” went onstage to challenge the video version of TheReam to a highly choreographed interactive fight.

pro*sce*ni*um (n): The supporting arch at the front of a stage through which the audience experiences a performance.
pro*sce*ni*um (n): A different kind of event marketing agency - focused on live events for employee, business and consumer audiences.