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How to turn a meeting into a learning journey

“I think my big coaching to companies right now about their annual meetings is that they shouldn't be an event. They should be the centerpiece of a learning journey.” 

-Matt Elwell

Matt Elwell is the Director of Learning and Development for On Cue. He is a master of training, and has an incredible understanding of how to engage attendees so they retain knowledge.

Here are the four top ideas I took away from a recent conversation with Matt:

  1. The right training can help ensure that after the event attendees not only know what to do but are actually doing it. Use something like follow-up quizzes after the conference to test not just what attendees liked, but what aspects of the messaging they remember and are acting on.
  2. Roleplaying with a professional is much more beneficial than roleplaying with a colleague.
  3. Try to build some activities into the event to reflect on the experience because reflection increases retention.
  4. General sessions and breakouts should be intimately tied together so the learning itself feels cool and like part of the larger whole.

Matt is a joy to work with, and he is an expert at making messaging as impactful as possible.

If you want to hear our full conversation, head to the episode page or download it anywhere fine podcasts are found.

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