The Lucille Lortel Awards
The Tony’s of Off-Broadway

At Proscenium, we are very proud of our theatrical roots. We have also produced a lot of award ceremonies and spent considerable time thinking about what makes an award presentation soar. We wanted to bring our creativity and production prowess to one of the theatre world’s most prestigious awards any theatre artist can hope to win: The Lucille Lortel awards. After all, despite the respect and honor these awards bestow, they are administered by a small non-profit foundation with few resources. A classic underdog; our favorite.

So we called our friends at the Lortel Foundation with an offer they couldn’t refuse: we would design graphics and animations for their 2016 awards presentation, and make their event even more special and spectacular. We always help our clients present their best selves to their most important audiences, and we wanted the Lortels to shine brighter than they ever have in the past. Best of all, we would do it pro bono.

We even helped them solve a challenge they had been grappling with for years: since they didn’t know who the winners would be until the envelopes were opened, they had never figured out how to put the winner’s name and photo on the screen without incurring an additional cost. But we figured it out for them, and the results were hugely impactful.

We were so proud to see theatre celebrities like Zach Levi, Molly Ringwald, Laura Linney, Carol Kane, Marlo Thomas, and Phylicia Rashad, in front of our graphics. It was an honor to be a part of the event, and we were extremely gratified to be able to help such a worthy organization.