Live events are our passion, and while we are usually engaged producing corporate events for industry-leading brands, from time to time we get to play in a different sandbox - like getting to help the award-winning team behind SERIAL to tell the story behind the podcast.

There’s a good chance you’re one of the people who listened to the groundbreaking podcast SERIAL. After all it was downloaded well over 80 million times, and host Sarah Koenig was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of 2014.

SERIAL was some of the most compelling non-fiction, true-crime storytelling created in decades. But when it was time for the master storytellers behind this innovative, genre-buting series to tell their own stories, they were looking for some help.

With speaking engagements all over the country including Wolftrap and BAM, reporter and host Sarah Koenig, and Senior Producer Julie Snyder faced a fascinating dilemma – after all, they come from radio and podcasting an inherently non-visual medium. So when they were given 90 minutes to offer fans an inside look at the various ways they crafted their story from week to week, they weren’t sure how to best SHOW their story.

By working through the beats of their presentation with them, we were able to make suggestions as to how to best visually compliment the story they were preparing to tell. We utilized elements from their website (one of the few visual cues we had), created new imagery and templates for them, and gave the audience a visual path to help follow the story.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we asked them what they’re doing for season 2 (and 3!), but they won’t let that cat out of the bag just yet.